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The second railway line

Currently, the mine "Syderitovaya" on the horizon +480 meters pave the second line of railroad tracks.

New equipment at the mine...

Last week at the mine «Sideritovaya» has been replaced by the power line.


Foreign experience is also useful

This week at the invitation of the R&D and manufacturing regional organization «Ural» was visited by guests from Austria, the company ALMO Engineering.


New Products

Sosnowski mine in the Techa River iron ore deposit discovered a new crusher-grader from Kostamuksha. Currently, there is an installation of equipment.


LLC «Ozersky house building factory»

LLC «Ozersky house building factory»

LLC «Ozersky house building factory» was founded in 1954. It is one of the oldest enterprises in South Urals, specialized in concrete-steel construction production.

The plant is unique as it is possible to make concrete-steel construction of 20 thousand tons weight there, which is impossible for any other factory in the region. Such constructions are widely used not only in the Ural region but also in Permsky and even Khabarovsky regions.

In 2007 LLC «Ozersky house building factory» started to exploit automatic concrete mixing unit, produced by German company «Elba». That year the plant also bought welding tongs and made it possible to construct space frame with carcass diameter up to 25mm.

In 2008 new compressor station with 3 modern compressors (ДЭН-132ШМ) started to work on the plant, they produce compressed, clean and dehydrated air.

In 2011 modern gas-burning boiler house started to be exploited. Two steam low-pressure boilers made by Italian company «Ivar» produce steam of total capacity 3,5 tons per hour.

Today the plant produces concrete constructions, claydit panels, ready-mixed concrete and mortar of cement, ready carcasses and metal embedded parts, constructions for industrial structures, social amenities, accommodation units goods (series-«Cube-2,5») as well as Belorussian system and many others. Production of the plant is widely used in industrial and civil construction in towns of Chelyabinsk region, in Tumen and Ekaterinburg.

LLC «Ozersky house building factory» LLC «Ozersky house building factory» LLC «Ozersky house building factory» LLC «Ozersky house building factory»